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  1. Today I saw an emu in a REALLY big pen with this HUGE pond and lots of geese . I was wondering if they are supposed to be with other emus or if the geese are their friends because I heard that they are like chickens and need to live in groups or pairs. Should I tell the owners?
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    I wouldn't say anything. They might get offended or something. Wouldn't want to start a neighborhood feud. Tehe! I'm not sure about emu's, but I know that geese, ducks, chickens, etc, can be a companion for horses.
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    Feb 26, 2008
    I had a pet emu once that lived with our goats. It was very friendly. Animal control called me to get it when the previous owners could no longer care for it. It became the farm mascot. We kept it in a huge pen, but would let it out on the yard to play with the kids. The horses never quite got use to it. Unfortunately, after owning it for several years, it past away. The previous owners had gotten it as an adult already years old and then they owned it for a few years, so I'm thinking it was up there in age.

    It lived a healthy, happy life without other emus and I'm sure your neighbors does to.
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    How big does an emu get anyway? I think it'd be cool to have one.
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    OOOH thats exactly what Ive been looking for!! I had one a few years back named Legs. She was really sweet, loved to be sprayed with the water hose, and you had to hand feed her, she said it tasted better that way...lol..she was the only emu in a pen with chickens and ducks, but she didnt seem to care. My MIL had a pair in her pen, and they could see each other, but Legs never tried to join chirp and sassy in their pen, guess she liked being a chicken. I want to get another one or an egg to hatch myself. I found a baby one a few weeks ago for 30 dollars, and didnt get it...what a dummy I can be!

    Legs was about head high to me and I am 5 ft 8
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    They get chest high when the neck is stretched on the average person I'd say. They are very cool. All of the kids said ours looked like a dinosaur...LOL. One of the most unusual animals you'll see close up.

    If you get one make sure it is a pet and friendly. Our's loved to be petted and would follow us around and take treats from our hands, but if you get one that isn't a pet, I hear, they can kick really hard and aren't as friendly. However, I'm sure they are trainable like anything else. If we can train chickens to come for treats, I'm sure we could train emus.
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    My uncle has a nice piece of land with two Emu's running around ! They were a hoot. We love em'. He likes that they keep them rattle snakes away and I think they look like raptors from Jurassic Park or something. Unfortunately one of my horses kicked one and it died on the spot. They are cool.
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    We raised them for several years. We had as many as 46 at one time. They were interesting. Some were nice and others not so nice. A couple got to running once and ran right up the 6' 2x4 fence and went over. Chasing a emu through a neighbors yard is not fun. One liked to swallow my whole ponytail. Once my puppy went under the fence and got stomped and had her leg broke by them. They killed a few chickens. When we whistled they would all dip their necks up and down and run. We gave then Ivermectrin and EEE shots. We had to be very careful as they can kick hard at you and they have dangerous nails. Incubating and hatching them is a hoot.
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    Personally, I would be offended if someone though themselves smart enough to stop by and let me know how I should take care of my animals. If my animals are safe, feed, watered, warm....whose business is it. Ecspecially if they dont even own the animals they tend to knwo more about! [​IMG]
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    I'm with Tiffany on this one. I wouldn't be too happy if someone showed up over here to tell me how to care for my animals. Especially if they didn't have any experience with the animal. I understand that you are looking out for the emu, but put yourself in the owners place.
    I had 2 emu and really enjoyed them. They are unique. The set up you described sounds good for an emu because they love the water.
    Emu will stomp and kill small dogs, chickens and other small animals. My rat terriers learned real quick to stay clear of the emu. I guess it would depend on if they were raised around the smaller animals or not. Mine were pastured with calves and they pretty much ignored each other. Once in a great while an emu would get bored and herd the calves around. It only lasted a few minutes, then the emu would get distracted and quit. They aren't real smart.
    They have a claw on each wing. Their eggs are beautiful. Emerald green.

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