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    What do we as a community know about this?
    I have a pond near my "kids" and want to protect them as much as possible - draining the pond is not an option and we have a creek on property also. With all this rain our field is swamped in areas.
    I have vacinated for mereks, fowl pox, newcastle, infectious bronchitis. I would like to vaccinate for Encephalitis.
    I have read this:
    Control Mosquitoes to Reduce Spread of Equine Encephalitis

    Neurologic disease that includes Eastern and Western Encephalitis (EEE and WEE).
    EE is mostly spread by mosquitoes, and by birds pecking each other or cannibalising bird carcasses.
    Symptoms: Reduced intake of feed, fever, staggering, paralysis, death. Surviving birds may have blindness, neck twisting, circling, leg or muscle paralysis, weakness, tremors.
    Treatment: No successful cure is known. Aspirin may be risky with this disease, but might help by reducing fever. (See Give Painkiller section.)

    Prevention: Drain standing water where mosquitoes breed, and mow 50-foot strip around coops to reduce cover for mosquitoes. Remove bodies of dead birds promptly. Vaccinate at 5 weeks old with horse vaccine (1/10th of horse dose = dose for a pheasant).

    from PoultryPedia.com and other places.

    You are the most diverse and smartest group of enthusiats I know to ask. Please chime in.
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