Encouragement for sickly new chick parents(1 day old)

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  1. amygirl

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    Mar 5, 2010
    My chicks(first hatch ever) hatched on saturday of this week, they were right on time. I had 2 duds,but 2 out of 13 not bad. Here is where the drama comes in. We were soooo anxious to make sure that the eggs hatched that we helped most of the chicks get the shell chipped away, in the future I probably will NOT do this again,but it did turn out well. One of the babys had not pipped by day 22, but when candeled I could tell it was alive and moving. So I very very carefully took tweezers and made a small shallow hole in the egg and then proceeded to chip away part of the egg shell, enough to encourage the babe to get out if it could, I removed about a fifth of the shell the first time I did this. Then I put her back into the incubator to let nature do the rest. Wel, nature did not do the rest, she was weak and underdeveloped and had been a little stuck to her shell, things did not look well. So long story short, I ended up removing her shell and the membrane about a dime size at a time then placing her back into the incubator to rest for like 12 hours. I gotta say,it didnt look good for her. But today she is 2 days old, and she is in with the other 10 chicks and running around and doing pretty good. She DEFINATELY looks like a runt. She has to be hand fed sugar water, and for her first few hours I had to wrap a towell around her very loosly to keep her in an upright position, so as to get her strength in her legs. When we did put her in with the other 2 day olds, she was kinda run over a little, but actually, being with other chicks has helped her spirit and determination it seems. I have absolutely NO IDEA what I am doing here, all I know is that whatever IT is that we did worked,I just let my motherly instincts and the great advice on this web sight help me, and now, things are looking pretty good.[​IMG]
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    Mar 3, 2009
    Congrats on the hatch .. I assisted one of my last hatch and very much regret it, becasue it turned out to be the smallest the kids fell in love with it and then I had to kill it as it was very sickly .. I know that had i not helped the chick would not have made it ... I have since decided if they arent strong enought o get out on thier own then they arent strong enough to make it long ....
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    Jun 14, 2009
    I don't think you're supposed to help because you're anxious for them to get out. [​IMG] I had to help one of mine because it was pipping at the wrong end and even with that problem, I waited 24 hours after it had made no progress due to lack of manuevering room.

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