End of season 2012 sale! Dominique and Buff Orpington--SOLD

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    This sale is only for eggs that are shipped in 2012. Weather has been warmer than expected, so I am extending this sale. Since winter is coming, these eggs will be double boxed to help insulate them. However, I cannot guarantee that they will arrive in perfect condition due to Post Office handling.

    NPIP Approved #34-527
    Prices include shipping

    My Buff hens are covered by a rooster from show quality stock.

    6+ hen's choice (random assortment of Buff and Dominique) - $20
    12+ hen's choice (random assortment Buff and/or Doms) $30

    If you would like only 1 breed (only Doms or only Buffs):
    6 eggs $25
    12 eggs $35

    Please feel free to PM me to ask any questions.
  2. tdhenson86

    tdhenson86 Poultry People


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