End of season sale "Fancy LF & Bantam roosters, cockerels, hens and pullets

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    I have 3 Stunning, 14 wk old bantam Polish roosters ($10.00 each or OBO) and one adorable Polish pullet ($15.00 OBO) non standard colors.

    2 "blue" 15 wk & 1+ yr. old Blue Laced Red Wyandotte roosters ($10.00/$20.00 or OBO) Foley x Greg Catt lines. Great lacing and color. Adult rooster has thrown some beautiful chicks with super lacing and type!

    1 Wheaten 1+ yr. old Ameraucana rooster ($20.00 Firm) Pips & Peeps line. Gorgeous boy! He is molting right now and the girls have eaten his beard, but he is super handsome when in shape. Picture shows him now and fully feather with a beard.

    1 White 14 wk old bantam Cochin rooster ($20.00 Firm) excellent type and SUPER friendly! Would make a perfect bird for 4H showing, showmanship and breeding.

    1 Buff Columbian 14 wk old bantam Cochin rooster ($10.00 OBO) with nice type. A little shy, but would also make a great 4H showmanship bird or breeder.

    2 Buff laced 1 year old breeder bantam Polish roosters ($10.00 or OBO) Tame, gentle and easy to handle.

    3 bantam Buff 9 wk old Brahma roosters ($10.00 OBO) Hobb's line. Nice type.

    2 Bantam Cochin chicks 4 weeks old (feed store bought) 1 red rooster (carries the frizzle gene) and one splash, frizzle (pullet?) Bought these as friends for a single egg that made it to lockdown but didn't hatch, so I don't need these guys, but they are very cute! $10.00 for the pair or OBO.

    4 Buff Ameraucana hens. 2 Wayne Meredith line 1+ yr. old hens that lay a sage green egg and 2 John Blehm 1 yr. old hens that lay blue eggs. $25.00 each (Firm) Pretty girls!

    3 Buff x wheaten Ameraucana (EEs) 9 month old pullets (25.00 each Firm) lay beautiful turquoise colored eggs!

    * For pick-up only in Grass Valley, California.





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