Energy uses in 2013, If we are all still here! eh!

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  1. Well I don't know whether I have figured out your site yet. Or that I am in the right spot But here goes! My main interest in joining ya'll was to do some research into energy alternative uses down on the farm, hobby farm, or even backyard keeping of animals. Chickens a high priority. I have a "cone" for them. Love how they do purr when contented. And sqwawk when mistreated (overcrowded). My dad always kept city chickens, lots of people did in the day. But it seems that nowadays, people are on a rampage against "exotic" pets. This is probably because you cant buy chickens in the "pet" store and that they do actually, "give" you something in return for their keep. Nasty habit that!. But I'm rambling here. Tend to do that... But back to the energy thing. I am presently putting together a four part series on energy saving and energy alternatives when keeping productive pets about your premises. Like I said farm, house, apartment?, backyard or maybe even rented space - hat is done too. I know that chickens dont need much. But they do need care since we have domesticated them. (or think we have). I'm interested in boxed chickens, cooped chickens, free rangers,( fun to catch and put bed eh!), and breeders. Good range there. By the way, I am not a novice here. One of my first jobs in Canada was cleaning out the pens of 500 ckickens. Messy business for a 10 year old, but it did give me candy money and gave me an introduction to common chicken pests. But enough about me. I want to hear about you and your flock and their needs. I did have some baryard chickens back in the seventies (wow that hurt). I lived in an area in Canada (Northern Ontario) that did commonly experience severe cold winter weather. A problem for nesting chickens! We had our own down home cures for winter ills back then but lets just say that the chickens were given preferential treatment because of their "gifts". Enough said. I hope that you can provide some help with my projects and that we will speak again. I can be email at: [email protected]. You all have a safe and happy holiday season. Could be a good time to plan for next year DHL
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    Not sure I am fully understanding what you need but I will give a stab at some things that make chickens very value-added 'pets'

    The chicken droppings when composted are said to be one of the all time best fertilizers for the garden. There is a man in Australia or maybe it's New Zealand that says that the poo is more valuable than the chickens or the eggs, and people should keep chickens for that reason alone. -- Energy savings--- going to haul garden fertilizer -- rather than just getting some from the compost pile that has been there for a minimum of 5-6 months before using it in the garden.

    If you use a method of deep-litter--- there is a heat giving effect due to the decomposition -- and could help keep the chicken coop warm during those cold Ontario winters. (years ago, in summer I would cross to Canada at Windsor over the Ambassador bridge and travel to Stratford for the Shakespeare festival -- back in the days when you didn't need a passport to cross between the countries)

    Good luck with your research!
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