(England) Cinnamon/Caramel Button quail offered, hen wanted


Oct 28, 2021
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I don't know enough about morphs or genetics but think his colours are interesting.

I need button quail for eggs, do not have a lot of space and and have two boys currently 4 weeks old.

I am looking to either trade the cinnamon male for a hen or get two hens so they each have a girlfriend, though I worry about the increased risks of introducing more unfamiliar birds with how violent they can get. I really would rather just have the two with at least one being female and I'll keep the other boy because I hatched them and am a bit more attached to them.

I am not in any way a commercial keeper or breeder, these will be pets + providing eggs for myself and my other animals only. I have experience and qualifications in the animal care industry but am now pretty much housebound due to my disabilities, so they will be tended to pretty much 24/7, but I might have to pay petrol money for someone to drive to me. I've already blown over £60 and 3 months of time on buying hatching eggs that arrived smashed or otherwise unviable to get these two, so I suppose I can spare £50 to get a single hen without going through all of that and drama with eBay sellers again. I don't think I can take it mentally and this has been dragging on far too long. All I want is just one laying hen and am going out of my mind trying to obtain one and everyone on Preloved is too far away.

I don't want to reveal my location in public because I have a long history of abuse and stalking etc. Not even my own mother knows where I live so please DM for specifics.
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