English Bulldogs and chickens: yes or no?

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    Apr 19, 2015
    Front Royal, Va
    Hello all, I have had a strong backyard flock for 5 years now. I have lots of different breeds, including Silkies. We have come across an oppertunity to take a Victorian bulldog pup off a friends hands, but I have reservations.... I will not tolerate a dog that goes after my freerange flock. Does anyone have experience with Bulldogs and chickens? We have to decide by tomorrow morning! Any advice would help, thank you!
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    Jan 8, 2015
    One of my friends has a four-year old bull terrier/English bulldog mix that she kept very separate from her chickens for the same reason. One morning she went to her banty coop to find that the dog had managed to get in through the run and found it laying in the corner with her silkies and d'uccles behind it. On the other side of the coop was a dead mink. The dog had figured out that the birds were family and walks around the yard with the flock. The chickens all seem to think that the dog is an idiot, but the dog is never aggressive towards the birds. It can't stand strangers, though. Hope it helps!
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