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    FOR SALE: English Crele Orpingtons, pure Fancy Chick lines, purchased as day olds direct from Fancy Chick around a year and a half ago. One cock, four hens. $100 each or $400 for all five. They are molting right now (and the hens have had a bit too much loving from the male) but when in full feather they are absolutely GORGEOUS, and very big. They haven't been handled a whole lot so they aren't super tame but they are non aggressive and the cock is very human friendly. We are focusing more on our Seramas and other projects and need more room for those, so these cuties have to go. Possibly available: We also produced one pullet chick from these about 6 weeks ago. She's growing nicely but still young, feel free to inquire about her as well.

    Also available: One trio of "production quality" Crele Orpingtons, $100 for all three, must go as a trio. We believe these birds came from someone's project line, they are on the small side and type isn't great (they're fluffy but they aren't FLUFFY if you know what I mean). They are somewhere between 2 and 3 years of age. Color on the cock and one of the hens is pretty nice, the other hen lacks most of her color and appears more Cuckoo than anything. I wouldn't recommend these as breeders or show birds but the hens are good layers and the cock is one of the best mannered I've ever met (I own his brother and his nephew and my boss owns his other nephew, and then entire family really produces some of the most beautiful and good tempered cockbirds I've ever encountered). If you're looking for some good laying hens and a really excellent A+ flock rooster, these guys are for you.

    The birds are located in Placerville, California. PM me if you are interested in them or have any questions.

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