English LF Jubilee & Spangled/Mottled Orpington Chicks

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  1. ChickenRidge

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    Jul 17, 2012
    Northern Kentucky
    English LF Jubilee Orpington chicks available (Greenfire/Sacre Line) $45 each straight run. I do give a quantity discount. Available to ship in 2-3

    English LF Spangled/Mottled Orpington Chicks available Mid-January. Accepting orders on chicks. $200 each straight run. I also give a quantity discount on the spangled.

    I only ship healthy chicks from an KY NPIP certified flock.

    More information and photo's available at www.chickenridgefarm.com
  2. haydon19

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    Dec 13, 2013
    Are these pure English spangle/mottled Orpington. Because I'm very interested. Im 18 years old and just got money for Christmas to buy my chickens with but I was hoping to buy this breed if bird I absolutely love it and was hoping you could help me out a little bit on price let me know happy new year. - haydon

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