English Orpingtons ~~~ Jubilee & Spangled Mottled Chicks available

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  1. ChickenRidge

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    Jul 17, 2012
    Northern Kentucky
    I have available English LF Jubilee Orpington chicks (4 weeks old) Greenfire/Sacre $35 each, and can ship next week, weather permitting. Minimum of 6. Shipping $65

    I am also taking orders for English LF Spangled Mottled Orpington chicks. Next hatch available 4/6/14. $100 each
    (chicks will be vaccinated for Mareks)

    Minimum of 6 chicks per box for shipping

    Check us out at www.chickenridgefarm.com

    Thank You
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  2. earl666

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    Apr 1, 2014
    I am really interested in your spangled mottled orpingtons.I have been looking all over for them.I live in Picayune,Mississippi.Can you please send me info on how to order and the process it takes.Thank you for your time. Sent PM
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