Enlarged Crop - balloon like


9 Years
May 10, 2010
lake oswego flats
About a 6 mo. RSL not laying yet - bottom of the pecking order (she is the last to get any treats). This has been going on for about 4-5 days. She also does this strange stretch/reposition of the neck - sort of like dry heaves.

*Her breath doesn't smell bad, she is eating fine.
*Free range - lots of grit around the yard for them.
*I fed her twice a mix of ACV and olive oil mixed with a bit of bread, and mashed up food - her poo is a bit more runny today. At least the first one I saw (right after eating that) - no real solids in it. Yesterday, the one I saw was solid, but greenish (dark grassy color).
*I haven't seen any worms in her poo the other day.
*They do have ACV in their water, but they will drink out of anything around the yard that has water in it - so, not their only source.
*I have a lot of tomato squeezing from canning - heard the acidity is good for sour crop. Haven't really given that yet, but could.

I thought maybe sour crop - that is why I did the ACV and olive oil. Would that be bad for her if it isn't? I can't really separate her since the nest boxes are in the coop and the rest of the girls get mad if they can't run around the yard.

Does the Olive Oil just loosen everything up? The other girls kind of pushed her out of the way to get at it - am I going to have runny poo everywhere? Hopefully, that is the only side effect of the OO.

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