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Feb 12, 2021
Hello good day, wondering if anyone can help me out here... I have a male quail (Old Yeller), about a year old.. As you can see form the photos (not squeezing him at all), his vent is extremely large, perhaps swollen?! He also looks pretty roughed up (missing feathers on back, and back of head - 1 other male quail, his son), and just "not himself" lately.. Any idea what this is, or what can be done to help him, more importantly - do you think he's suffering? Perhaps there could be a fertility issue? Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly.


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He is a fully mature male. I have had some that were nearly that large, but not quite that big. Does he appear to be in any discomfort? I would start with separating him out so you can really see how he's doing. Is he eating? Drinking? Does he have less energy?
Hi Nabiki, thanks for your reply. He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort.. but it's hard to tell. He's been separated for about a week now, by himself. He seems skiddish, and runs around frantically when I come in to see him, and he doesn't seem to have any less energy than usual. I assume he's drinking because it's hot, and, he's still alive, and water goes missing.. He isn't eating much, but he's never really been a big eater, he's a fairly small bird. Yeah I've never seen any this big before, but then again, he's the oldest quail rooster I've had too. Hope to hear form you again :) Thanks!
If you press the lump, as if you were vent sexing him, does foam come out? If foam comes out, does it get smaller? I’m wondering if he just produces a lot of foam and it has stretched over time.
Haha, oh wow really, you think so?? Okay, I'll take your word for it and hope for the best.. Will let you know if it's still an issue, sounds like you have a lot of knowledge and experience. I appreciate your time and assistance.
Thank you kindly! 🙂
Hi Floor Candy (haha, love the name), thanks for your reply. That's a really good question. It doesn't seem to ever get any smaller, that's the weird thing.. In regards to him producing a lot of foam - not sure, but maybe? He is quite a "voracious lover".. so to speak.

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