Enlgish Angora Bunnies!

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    Mar 24, 2007
    Besides the many breeds of fowl I raise and also my Alpacas now, I have several breeds of fancy rabbits too! I have 5 purebred English Angora bunnies that are ready for homes. These are Broken in color which means they have a white background with an additional color splotched on them. I have 3 Broken Blacks and 2 Broken Tortoise. I have pictures I can email if interested in any of them. These are super fluffy bunnies that have their fiber brushed and used to make sweaters, scarf's etc. They are a very tame and friendly breed too like a little dog! Here is my site if interested in looking at them, they are under my Bunnies link. www.anglefire.com/hiphop4/fffancies. Thanks!
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    that link came up arong, it comes up to "adult websites"
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    Ummmm, that comes up an adult site, or different links to all kinds of adult sites. :mad:
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