Enrichment for chicks.


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9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
Puyallup, Wa.
I would like to start a thread for enriching chick's brooder life. Please share photos and ideas that have made your chicks lives better when they are not quite ready to be outside.

I will start with that I like to start adding different surfaces for them to perch on. A perch, a rock. I always get their water up onto a flat rock to keep shavings out of the water. I have nine chicks who have another boring day in side...

Today they get grass and clover clumps with lots of dirt. They love it. It will make an incredible mess inside the brooder. Tomorrow is cleaning day so I do not mind.
They are destructive. They are always on the search for food!
I do not give them grit until I start giving them grass. So, yes, they get grit. They find a lot of their own grit in the dirt. I have never had a problem with impacted crops yet.
Why buy grit? I scoop up some dirt from outside when I'm out searching for their worms and they love just having a big ole bowl of dirt in their brooder to play with/eat. And it's free.
OMG me too! I have felt so bad that they are in a box all day while i'm in a cube all day! Hey - wait a minute . . . LOL This is their 3rd bigger box, and i only have 5!! They are almost 7 weeks though. I get them out as much as I can but it has been rainy and yucky lately. I can't wait to get home today and put some grass in their box!! I don't know why I didn't think of that before - thanks!!

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