Entering 6 chickens in the Poultry Show tomorrow!!! =D

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  1. I'm entering 6 of my chickens in the Poultry Show at the Fair tomorrow. The judging starts at 9:00 AM Wednesday morning. Wish me luck. [​IMG]

    I bathed them today. Started at 10:30 finished up at 1:15. [​IMG] Interesting about how long it took me to bathe the chickens. I changed my mind on entering this one BR hen because she doesn't have as good barring as the other BR's I've seen at the fair last year.

    I'll post pictures of them if I can after the judging. Sure can't wait.

    And can you please hope that I can get my Black Sexlink hen Little Shadow to stop going broody. Why didn't she wait till after the fair????????

    And for my broody hen Chili. Just in the week before the eggs were due 5 eggs broke. [​IMG]
    On Tuesday a adorable RIR chick hatched and it died just 2 days after hatching. [​IMG] Then the others never hatched. I threw them out today. So now I'm collecting more eggs to stick under her. I collected 8 eggs so far, I need at least another 4 to make it an even dozen.

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    Good luck at the show!!!!
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    Best of luck to you!

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