entertainment center = henhouse?

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  1. meredithfp

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    May 22, 2011
    Hello all. I'm planning my chicken run and hen house and I'm trying to figure out a low cost solution. Here are the options . . . (oh, I'm planning 3-4 chickens.)

    Option 1 -- Convert part of my shed to a henhouse. I'd basically build a 2 foot high box inside of the shed with a little chicken sized doorway to the run. In the bad photo below, the run will be on the left side of the shed, the chicken door would be on the side of the shed.


    I could make it as big as I want. (That shed is huge.)
    It would be really secure, even more so because I'll access it through the shed, not the run.

    I use that shed for storage -- don't want my stuff smelling chicken-y.
    I'd be cutting into the shed (not a big deal for me, but if I move and sell?)
    Cleaning seems challenging -- sweeping everything out into the shed, probably lifting it all up over the 2 foot high wall.
    I have zero carpentry skills.
    Money -- not as expensive as building a hen house from scratch, but still.

    Option 2 -- I've been watching the craigslist "free" section and found this.


    Can I turn this into a hen house for almost no money?! Is it big enough? (The ad says it fits a 32 inch TV with room to spare.) It might not be as secure, but my run is going to be very secure (fence going down 2 feet underground) and I'd just plop this down inside.

    Is it big enough?
    What would you do to it to make it chicken ready?

    It seems kinda perfect.
  2. Pork Pie Ken

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Personally I'd go for option 1 (i use my garden shed as a coop). All you need to do is put up some roosts, add a basin for a nest box on a low shelf and you are sorted. If you put grass clippings / leaves under the roost there should not be an chicken skank / smell problem. You can then leave the rest of your shed to store your things.

    I'm not convinced that the TV cabinet is sufficiently deep to serve as a coop.

    Good luck with whatever you decide
  3. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013
    Same here...Option 1.

    Option 2 won't be big enough for the number of chickens you want.
  4. enola

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    Chickens create huge amount of dust. Everything in your shed will be covered in dust.

    The entertainment cabinet is way too small for 4 chickens.
  5. Hokum Coco

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    Dec 6, 2012
    New Brunswick,Canada

    This is what some chickens call home. Does this sort of confinement effect the quality of your eggs and birds?
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