Entrance to the coop.


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Tampa, Florida
I have decide to use the plywood floor for my new coop. Now I have another question. I'm not sure what would be better to make. Have the Entrance to the coop in front or under the coop? The coop will be 33" from the ground. The coop will be in the run so I thought I would still have the same sq. footage, plus the sq. footage in the coop. The run is 10'x10' and the coop will be 5'x10'. Six laying hens and 1 Silkies hen. Plus they Free Range from around noon till 6PM.
Any personal experience or advise is greatly appreciated.

Thank You all,

PS I live in Florida, so I'm not too concern about the cold but I am concern about drafts.
A floor entrance will cost you some floor space inside the coop, but will not let in as much "weather." A side entrance may be easier to secure with a door, if you need to do this.
I never thought about the lose of floor space. Plus I guess it would be better using a front or side door to keep the dirt inside rather then going down an open hole. Mmmm! I also like the part about keeping the cool out.
In February, some nights it can get down to 30's. But quickly goes up to at least 60 degrees during the day. I'm so glad it only gets real cold in the month of February.
Thanks for your suggestion.
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