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    Above is the exact link that shows on my screen when I have the article on screen but when I click on it here it goes some other bizarre place. If it doesn't work for you just go to Entreprenaur Magazine's website and do a search under "chicken diapers" and the article should come up (works when I try it).

    Chicken Diapers
    When Americans went crazy over pet chickens, one entrepreneur seized the inevitable opportunity.
    By S. Irene Virbila | Entrepreneur Magazine - November 2010

    Entrepreneur: Ruth Haldeman, analytical chemist and founder of ChickenDiapers.com of Hot Springs, Ark., maker of bespoke avian underwear.

    What possessed her: Haldeman moved to rural Hot Springs in 2002 and promptly took in a couple of orphan chicks. She soon discovered chickens poop--a lot. In the interest of keeping her house relatively clean, Haldeman broke out her sewing machine and designed a roomy cloth diaper with a disposable liner. As time went on, she made them in several sizes. Chickens, it seems, outgrow their diapers.

    Startup: Basically, no costs. The first diapers were made from fabric scraps. When orders started pouring in, Haldeman ordered a few bolts of cotton blend and tricot, and built a website where a small, hand-sewn diaper sells for $9 ($14 for big birds).
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