Episodic lameness

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    Apr 13, 2009
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    I have a 1 yr old Mille Fleur hen that is experiencing episodic lameness. The first time this happened, after reaching sexual maturity, I freaked out thinking it was Marek's disease; however, after 24 hrs the lameness disappeared and she returned to her usual healthy self with no residual affects. Now, several months after the first episode, she has had a couple of the same periods of lameness, plus she had one occasion of being egg bound. She also recovered from this with no residual problems. Her last lameness occurred yesterday for several hours and this AM she was just fine..............one would never have guessed that the evening before she was completely unable to walk. I spoke with a friend who once had an occasion of Marek's and he said that in his experience once they begin to demonstrate symptoms it is a gradual slide toward death, with no exceptions, so she clearly doesn't demonstrate classic Marek's.
    Has anyone experienced the same thing or something even similar? Any input would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
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    Have you checked her joints? Is it possible she's got a joint that's having some issues, maybe she gets trompled by another bird and it takes her a few hours/days to get everything back where it needs to be?
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    Aug 9, 2009
    I had this problem with a Dom hen last year. Marek's is not prominent in our area. She had no other problems or issues. She just quit walking. Layed eggs, ate and drank but wouldn't or couldn't walk. Period. We kept her seperated for 3 weeks. Moving her, cleaning her bottom and setting her out in the grass trying to help her walk. Finally, it got to be a real problem for us and we had to cull her. I hated it, because I really loved her. Wish we could have figured out what happened but we never did. After we culled her, we checked to make certain she had no injuries, worms etc. She appeared fine. Hopefully someone will post some ideas......
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    Mar 22, 2010
    if she is around a year old or older it may be from a vitamin deficiency which can lead to sudden leg paralysis. if you have ruled out injury, mites/lice ect... try giving her some extra vitamin B 12 and vitamin E in her food. it will take about two weeks for it to work, but if it is from the vitamin def. she will be fine with some care. keep her in a safe place since she can not run . I kept my hen in a dog crate in the mudroom, gave her vitamin B complex powder , a small amount in her favorite treat each day for a week , then every other day for another week, I gave her warm baths to relax her and her legs, she liked it. I put electrlyte solution in her water everyday and got some vitamin E gel caps(human kind) cut open the cap and squeezed a little onto her food every couple of days, don't give the vitamin E everyday it is fat soluable and stays in the body longer. My neh went from not being able to stand/walk to just fine in two weeks and has been fine now for over a year. I now give my hens electrolyte solution twice a week in there water and some vitamin B12 once a month to prevent this from happening again. I learned about this on this forum, it seems to be very common. good luck

    sorry I just copied this from a reply I just did, hope it helps, at least worth a try
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    Aug 9, 2009
    Thank you so much for the post!! I searched the internet for just such an answer, (when princess chicken went lame) and couldn't find anything. Now, if it happens again, I know what to try!! I am going to get some electolyte product on hand and some vitamin B12 powder. Did you get the powder at a health food store?? Where did you get your products?
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    Mar 19, 2011
    My 16 month old Production Red hen, Blue Bell was lame this morning. She was picture of health when she went to roost last night and now is totally lame.She appears alert . Will take a few steps with a little push to her bottom but is not at all interested in walking. I seperated her to the chicken tractor with food and water .We feed Dumor layer, make oyster shells available at all times including grit and everyone (12 hens) is allowed to free range in afternoon. She seems very healthy otherwise and is of excellent weight . Can't imagine it's vitamine def. but will certainly watch her and if no improvement in a few days will look at nutrition issues.

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