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    Nov 22, 2011
    Now that I no longer have sheep, goats or horses, there are several odds and ends I need to find new homes for so I can make space in the tack room for things I do need. Pictures will be available on request since I can't seem to figure out how to do it here. I am located in VA, can ship USPS for actual cost of shipping.

    Two flat woven blue sheep show leads with brass buckles. Like new condition. $5.00 each

    Two Matilda sheep jackets for medium size sheep (used on Coopworths.) Good condition and clean. One yellow tag size and one red tag size. $10 each ON HOLD

    Stone Livestock Tattoo kit (5/16" I think) with numbers 0-9, duplicate 1 & 0, letters I, L, M, green and black ink. Good condition $18.00 ON HOLD

    Sydell 1/4" rod steel hay basket. Portable hang on for show or lambing pens or can be made permanent fixture. Holds fat flake of hay. Purchased new would be $39, asking $22 - good condition. ON HOLD

    Oster Shearmaster shearer with carry box, bottle of white oil, extra combs/blades for mohair and wool. Comfortable for smaller hands and easy to use for the young/energetic, those who prefer to shear own animals or only have a few. If purchased new, $350 plus tax and shipping, asking $200. Used twice before we decided to hire a pro to shear.

    Assorted Equine stuff - flat, rope and yearling halters, clip on woven nylon reins for use with halter or bridle, full 32 oz bottle of ShoSheen, large pull on full head fly mask, rubber curry, shedding blade/sweat scraper - $15 for all Inquiry rec'd

    Assorted Sheep/Goat stuff - unopened 100 ml bottle of LA-200 (oxytetracycline) exp. 2-2014, two nylon rope slip-style leads like new, 2 pritchard type nipples that will fit on disposable water bottles, hoof shears, traditional spring steel hand shears, sling for weighing kids/lambs, rubber rings and applicator for docking tails/castrating, stomach tube (never used) goat heart girth weight tape - $20 for all inquiry rec'd

    BOOKS: Most are softcover unless noted. Many are now out of print. All are in very good or like new condition.

    Roofs and Rails (Western Horsemanship Series) $3.50
    Natural Horsemanship, Parelli (Western Horsemanship Series) $10.00
    From the Center of the Ring: An Inside View of Horse Competition $5.00
    Getting the Most from Riding Lessons $10.00
    Hands On Horse Care, Veterinary Manual from Horse & Rider, Spiral Bound Reference Edition $18.00
    Equine Science, 1st Edition (1996) Rick Parker - Hardcover textbook $20.00
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