Equinola Horse bedding for chickens?

Tea tree oil...that has lemon like scent.
Wonders why they add that, already bugs in it?
Wonders what this stuff is too:
"“Equinola” includes a natural bitter tasting herbal mix to deter animals from eating the bedding."

Interesting, hope you (we) get some feedback, I'm curious.

Looks like they have poultry bedding too...also rapeseed straw...
... also treated "treated against bacterial and fungal challenge."
but they don't say treated with what.
I wonder if tea tree oil is edible?
I have no clue...just wondering if it would do harm if chickens ate some??

I would give it a try and see it it works out.
After I make sure tea tree oil isn't harmful though.
Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 7.32.45 PM.png
Check this out:

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