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    Today around 6 I came home and went to shut the chickens up in their coop. It was pouring and I was late so it was pitch black. As I walked up I noticed three of my girls were all sopping wet and still outside. I sighed and attempted to chase them in and the wouldn't move. I entered the coop and noticed one very fat, yet dry buff orp blocking the entrance to the coop. So I picked up the fat one and moved her. Afte I was back outside the girls were STILL there! So I had to help them one by one, shoving them in as fast as I could while fatty waddled back to her spot. In the end I had a bunch of very wet, and very smelly girls. [​IMG]

    Fatty, er I mean Lucky, will probably be there tomorrow too. Once she finds a 'spot' she's there a long time, with her eggs too. It's very inconvinient when her 'spot' is right snuggled up to the door. I've almost stepped on her and her eggs numerous times![​IMG]
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    Birds do the darndest things.

    My smile moment today was to hear my BBL Polish roo, crow for the first time. It was HYSTERICAL! I'm still smiling.
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    That buff orp is a very good blockade, IMO! [​IMG]

    I've noticed some of my silkies like to block the entrance to one of the coops. The ones waiting stand there on the ramp, in line, as it's turning dark. So polite. It's funny how chickens won't just barge past another one sometimes.

    You should see the silkies LEAVING the coop. It's "no, you first- no YOU first!" [​IMG] I just sometimes say, "Won't SOMEBODY leave the coop?"
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    Quote:[​IMG] It's always hilarious when the boys first crow! I have one silly bird that gets all geared up, flaps his wings and has his mouth open and doesn't crow until a few seconds later. It's really funny!

    Quote:She is a good blockade! Very useful when I need to catch a girl and she stands in the way. [​IMG]

    Haha, those are well behaved silkies! In the morning when I let the chickies out it's a mad dash to see who can get outside first.

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