Ernie has a problem *GRAPHIC PICS*Not Good News

Silkie Sue

13 Years
Jun 23, 2007
Sarnia, Ontario
A few days ago i noticed my Silkie roo had a growth on his chest... it did not look good
i gave him a shot of penicillan
this morning i had the day off so i decided to play vet
i tried to aspirate with a needle and a syringe but only a little blood came out... i did it in a couple places
i gave him a 20 min soak in epsom salts and massaged the lump and another shot of penicillan he does not seem bothered by his condition as he acts normally except for today he was lifting his leg really high every time he took a step with the leg on the side of the " lump"
has anyone seen this before
notice how his chest sticks out on the left side at the front

it is about the size of a baseball

it is normal looking skin where it attaches to him but what is up with the blackness


is there more i can do??

there is no avian vet in the area and honestly i cannot spend 100s of dollars on a chicken, i do love him dearly but , i know it is not looking good for him
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Looks infected to me, the black looks like it is necrotic tissue (dead) Does it smell? I would do the full round of antibiotics. I don' t have alot of experience w/ chicken disease and injury though.

Is it his crop? Can you feel his crop seperate from the sore?
To me it looks like he may have originally had a small scratch or wound that has got staff, looks like "bumble foot" only on his chest. And the body has tried it's best to encapsulate the infection. Is the black stuff hard like bumble foot?
If it is an encapsulated infection, that has not gone septic (in the blood) yes. Check some of the bumble foot threads several have the specific injectable antibiotic that is used for it, that is the antibiotic I would use. There is also an old fashioned treatment used for infections that I have seen mentioned on this site where you put an ointment on the wound (w/o and "caine" ingredient (pain killers)) then pack entire wound w/ as much sugar as you can get to stay/ stick and cover it with dressing, change it out every day and it is supose to speed up healing, that sounds intriguing to me and those that have done it swear it works well, but I don't know if you can do that w/ the hard capsule in place.

The other thing I would do is daily soaks in warm epsom salts water.
How old is he? I had a really old silkie hen (wasn't even laying eggs for two years before she passed) but she had two spots that looked like this one and they were hard the black as well but were kinda of smooth. One on a hip the other under a wing, and they were tumors. Didn't bother her none. Maybe that is what he has. God luck with him,
hope he gets better and its not a tumor
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thankyou so much for helping me with this... he really is a sweet boy
i will give him another epsom salt bath in the morning and i will find out what ointment is used for bumble foot

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