Ersatz rooster??????


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9 Years
Aug 26, 2010
This is the same chicken I've asked about before. It was given to me by my cousin, she says it's a hen but I'm not sure how old it was when she got it. Anyway, it's got spurs and a giant comb (much bigger than my other barred rocks)... and it behaves like a rooster. I haven't heard it crow, but it does do that tall neck thing and holds its tail feathers up high. Also, will stand tall and flap its wings in a different manner than my hens. BUT it doesn't seem to have rooster type feathers... no long drapey ones in the back, for instance. Or the fluffly ones under the tail feathers.

This is the best picture I could take, it won't let me get close enough to take a pic over the top of its back.


what do you think?????
Male and female chickens both have spurs.

it could be a dominant female.... because I think it's a pullet. Don't depend upon MY decision though!

Is it lighter than your other BRs? Because the females have darker barring.

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