Escape Drama!!!

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    I was trying to hold one of my silkie roosters named Carnegie yesterday, when my lavender roo named Stormfeather leaped out of the coop. I was with my twin brother and my mom when it happened. Fortunately our 4 dogs (1 Great Dane, 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 1 Miniature Australian Shepard puppy) were locked up at the time. Stormfeather didn't try to fly away or anything, but we were still afraid because this had happened before and Dorry, the hen in question had nearly died. I ran into the feed room and grabbed a cup of poultry feed and set it on the ground in front of Stormfeather. He seemed much more interested in his surroundings then the feed though. My aunt came down with her puppy in tow and screamed when Stormfeather came at her, scaring him away. We managed to herd him into an area next to the side of the barn, in front of the tack room and tried to chase him in. Apparently his little chicken brain did not compute and Stormfeather didn't even come near the tack room. At this point, my dad and grandmother were also trying to catch the rascal. We chased him under the coop and surrounded him, but he still escaped. While my dad went up to the house to get the bird net, my grandmother came up with the idea of chasing him into the barn. After we eventually accomplished this, my dad captured Stormfeather with the net and returned him to the Coop\\Hutch\\Home Base.
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    They can be crazy some times. But its something you have to deal with at some point. Best thing to do is handle them as much as possible so that when they do get loose they don't give you such a hard time catching them. The best thing to do when a chicken is loose is to stay calm. Jumping at them, chasing and yelling will only cause them to run frightened.
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    Last weekend, funniest chase scene ever, after this one, lol.

    Hubby is chasing the blue Polish, Peter Frampton, all over the yard. So I am in the pole barn holding the coop door open.

    Looking out the pole barn:

    Rabbit runs by, stops to look at me.....'Hi mr. rabbit'

    He runs on, then cat runs by.....'Hi Ginger'

    Polish rooster runs by..... 'Hi Pete'

    Hubby runs by..... 'Hi Sweetie'

    He finally caught Pete, and we got him in safe.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Try catching a pair of escaped pigeons.

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