Escape from Akuto City ~RP~

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  1. Wizardry is a common art, and, although not many posses the gift, the ones that do don't have much power at all. They can cast a few illumination spells or cause a spark at their fingertips, but that's all. A few children however, are particularly gifted, and the tyrannical government has gotten wind of them. In order to escape the group of assassins dispatched to wipe them out, the kids must scramble across their futuristic, post-apocalyptic world in search of freedom, liberty, and justice.

    Character Form:

    Age: (<17)
    History: (Optional)


    ~PM me if you have a plot idea

    ~Since you have read the rules, please change your "other" section to 'Fun Stuff' or remove it altogether
    ~BYC rules apply
    ~Can't be invincible; in a battle you have to get hurt at least once
    ~If you anger me, your characters will suffer
    ~Please no overpowered magic. If it's questionable, message me and ask about it first
    ~By creating a character, you are agreeing to go by the above rules

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  2. I will open this RP in ~2015~ but you can still post characters and have them accepted :)
  3. by the way, when I say 2015, I mean, like New Years. As soon as it's 2015, I will open and start this rp :)
  4. Rick shoved her hands in the pockets of her hoodie. It was a chilly morning out in the city, and, for some reason, there were more border guards than usual. But she wasn't surprised; the government had slowly been taking more and more control over the citizens of Akuto. But why would anybody want to leave? All that was out there was farmland and then... nothing. Nothing of interest, at least. With this many people guarding the border, Rick felt more like a prisoner than a citizen.

    Max had been up since 5:00. Not surprising, though, considering his age. His backpack was already pack and he lounged on their comfortable couch to watch some early-morning broadcasts. He skipped over all the boring news and stuff to the far more interesting cartoons. Glancing at the clock, he realized that he still had an hour to his first lesson at 8:00.
  5. Leroyce headed towards the city, carrying a back pack with a few supplies. He would be there soon, but that didn't mean he wasn't tired of walking. After a while, the landscape looked all the same.
    (Is there a forest outside the city? [It'd make sense])
  6. ((there is, but only on the less-populated area. The trees are far between, but quite large, as people don't require much wood as a resource anymore.))
  7. Rick was wandering through the streets, not paying attention to where she was going. Today was her free day, and she didn't have much to do. She found herself in the old part of the city, next to the forest. There was less border patrol here, but they still watched her warily as she looked in the trees.
  8. (Should they have a main magic ability? Like what they do best? because if they didn't it would be a little over powered.... also.. can we time skip to when it's getting dark?)
  9. Name: Horus Young
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Quiet about personal things, but will talk casually for the sake of etiquette. Is very polite and considerate, but not giving. Does not give, take, or receive. Speaks quietly, but can pack a punch of he needs to defend himself or his sister. Does his best to keep her in line, but it is difficult. Is hard to get close to, but is a very happy and generous to those that put in the effort to get close. Loves having people around and socializing, but was raised to make acquaintances, not friends. Also loves to share his projects with his close friends and to make things for them.
    Crush: (Drag must be approached if you are interested)
    Boy/Girlfriend: (same as crush)
    History: Is raised in a very proper household where his parents have him taking lessons with all sorts of "proper arts" (witch does NOT include his projects) His parents constantly scolded him about his projects and eventually banned them from the house, however Horus still works on them in the subways below th city.
    Fun Stuff: His projects are his projects with mechanics, or really anything machine, click, or gear related. Really likes making/fixing wall clocks and making steampunk styled jewelry because he loves all the tiny details.
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  10. ((Accepted, but his shed couldn't be outside the town, because the Border Police would prevent him from going outside the city. But, he could have a permit for one of the old underground subway stations))

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