escaped duckie!!!! fruitloops and his or her antics.. LOL


Bedroom Farm Inc.
10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
the ducky room
so it was bath time!! when i put the duckies in they have a certain order.. the socvy goes first, then little foot, then fruitloops. fruitloops has to go last because he or she is a wild little thing. soo the duckies are in the bath and i clean the brooder and take pics of them.. then it's time to go back to the brooder.. first alicia then little foot, when i got back for fruitloops he or she is not in the tub cuz he or she jumped out LOL i thought it was funny. i was sitting there laughing. my dad had to come up and see too. it was just too funny. soo then i had to chase that darn duck around till i could finally catch em. LOL

crazy little duck

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