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Feb 11, 2008
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On Saturday I went to visit my daughter for Mother/Daughter Day at her college. DH was left in charge of the babies. He left for a while and came back to find one of the brooders short two blue Jersey Giants. They were running through the house gettng into everything. The kitchen floor was covered in poop. The laundry room floor was covered in poop. Thankfully, they didn't have as much fun on the livingroom carpet. There was only a little poop there. Oh, and somebody got on the couch and managed to poop on the wall next to it. A house plant had a number of leaves removed. They weren't eaten, just scattered all over the the kitchen. DH was able to catch them and put them back. Thankfully, they are tame and easy to handle.

Yesterday, we went to an auction and purchased a number of cages. Everybody (except the silkies) will be moving into the garage or coop tonight. They will still have their heat lamps, but no more escapes in the house.

I don't know what I am going to do with the silkies. One of them, Napolean, is such a little doll that I can't take him outside yet. I've gotten too attached. I didn't even ask for silkies. I got JG eggs from okcarla, and she just had to throw in those silkie eggs, and I just had to hatch them. Most of these babies are supposed to be adopted by young 4Hers needing a project. I just don't think I can part with Napolean.


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Boy, I sure can relate with the pain of escapees. Just yesterday the three baby poults got out and ate every last sprout under the grow lights!

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