Escherichia coli, occ mite, occ capillaria occ. findings

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    Nov 23, 2013
    preliminary report said and final also. I havent gone and picked it up yet. But lady over the phone said it looked about the same as the one before Christmas.
    witha list of 18 drugs and Interpretation and "MIC-BP"
    Now I assume I look for the highest suspectibility, correct?
    Why ask the vet he has no interest in my group,,,
    I mailed the fecal in myself to state lab. But had to have the results sent to a vet...
    Now isnt his like the perfinges I mentioned after all the readings on here?
    now acc to this report
    in the culture

    sulphadimethoxine is <=256.0000 Suspectible

    Tiamulin is <32.0000 "
    Timicosin is 64 "

    so whar does it mean if the above Timicosin has no "<" in front of the number? or no equal "=" sign in front of the number?

    more of the GIRLS a getting soft runny poo.... cant get rid of those tiny mites either
    and Valzaben dosage I can find since Kathy no longer has it at bottom of her "posts"
    Hubby gave Vazaben back on the DeC. 26..... was .5 enough on the syringe ?
    are we supp to give it 10 days later?
    I see so much on here its got my head spinning.
    so are the above "drug" which I hate.... available w/o the "dont care vet" ?

    But the mite problem has me wondering even more why Nature is so cruel to my beautiful group. ?
    what yall think since I cant wish this whole thing away. the last 3 yrs..

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    I can't answer some of your questions, but the Valbazen 0.5 ml dose is correct, and repeat it in 10-14 days to get the eggs. It looks like sulfadimethoxine is the best choice for what you are treating. What are you using to treat the mites. Permethrin 10% spray used at least twice at 7 day intervals is very good for treatment. You can find the concentrate at TSC and most feed stores, and it will make many gallons. Use about 15 ml per bird.
  3. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    did the premise spray of "Gordens"
    .... Hubby did the "Exprinex" drops on their necks....under wings . backs. Hubby parted their feathers while I held them... while in their coops. Hubby wearing a led headlight and a bright LED flashlight aimed at white walls.
    Tried the" CONSERVE" a dish in food passed from chicken to chicken...but Baby Girl refuses it. She kept running away....
    "Conserve" May try Conserve again syringe... with food given before and after..
    Tried "Poultry Dust" patted on..... BUT how do you get it down into their skin? No way unless they are plucked....I can barely find their vents....
    Nothing so far NOTHING is touching the tiny tiny tiny tiny mites I finally could see around Baby Girls vent. I got one or two or three of those mites on a section of white paper towel in a baby food jar sitting outside.... I was able to wipe a few off the bottom of the "Gordens" sprayed roost and poultry dusted roost...
    Then In the dark carried carefully to top of garbage can lid while shining a flashlight. then cutting sections out of the paper towel and carefully putting in the clean baby food jar....I know at least one of those "specks" moved several times..... I have decent " near vision" in my one eye...
    those mites are living on Her... cause I carried her over to My Hubby and said look at her vent moments after she went into the one coop...
    She is so miserable. I would occ see blood specks on some of the newer girls eggs off and on for a long time.... BUT could never see a mite with a flashlight. Course is hard to see a moving around hen on a roost....
    Also could never see one (MITE) on their white painted plywood walls either.
    I think this infection is killing them and prob destroyed their oviducts...after reading more about it.. If I just knew that I could have taken a fecal to STate Vet College or mailed it in myself. But was told by a top DR...( Her name is on the "results" page by the way, I see.) over the phone I had to go thru a vet.... period..... SHE never mentioned to bring or mail in a sample and having the results sent to a closeby vet...
    Now I wish I had taken a fresh FeCAL sample( in a cooler) or one of the sick hens at the time with us.... when we drove there to drop off Pinkie Lee for a necropsy... 2 hr drive each way....
    they never mentioned in,( Pinkie Lees, necropsy ) mites or coli but did mention liver hemorrage and Mycoplasm synoviae (PCR)
    thanks yall for listening we are overwhelmed

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