Estimate on age and possibly gender (baby chicks)

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  1. likkatron

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    Sep 13, 2015
    I have 8 chicks that I got from a local breeder, she has a lot and doesn't really keep track of age(of course) and I'm curious, and it'll help me decide when they should be nearing the age when they can move outside. [​IMG] This one is a blue splash barnevelder. Only feathers are on the tip of the wings. Has really light brown chipmunk stripes like all barnevelder babies have.
    [​IMG] This one is a Buff Brahma. I don't know if it's just the breed, but compared to the other babies this one has a really tall walk/stance, and the legs appear bigger. I heard that roosters have longer legs generally? Also only has feathers on the tips of wings.
    [​IMG] This one is an Ameraucana, and almost the whole wings are feathered, otherwise all fluff.
    [​IMG] This one is also a Barnevelder. With feathering only on the wings. [​IMG] This one is an Amerecauna as well. Black in color, and bigger than his lighter color sister. (Color is probably because one is blue other is black) Almost same feathering as the other Amerecauna, maybe a little on the back.
    [​IMG] This one is a salmon faverolles. Feathering on wings completely, and tail feathers have sprouted.
    [​IMG] Also a salmon faverolles. This one I know for sure is a girl. Has complete feathering on wings, (she's molting), and her comb is showing. She is the 2nd biggest in the bunch.
    [​IMG] By far the biggest, also a for sure girl. She had feathering on the back and wings. It's hard to tell where all the feathering is completely because of molting. She has a noticeable comb. She's a blue splash maran.
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  2. XxMingirlxX

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    They look like they are around three weeks old in that photo.

    If you still need help sexing them, feel free to post more photos :)
  3. junebuggena

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    Apr 17, 2015
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    First two are about 1 week. The others are maybe 2 or 3 weeks. Too young to guess at gender, except for the Faverolles, which appear to be female.

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