ET visited 2 nights ago


Apr 30, 2014
Roanoke area, Va.
That is kind of odd. I did find this (you have to read fast before the popup comes up, if it does, just close it and go back then scroll back down real fast) that says that Great Horned Owls will sometimes hunt while standing or walking around. Based on that watering can (?) in the video, I would say that this is a fairly big bird and could be a Great Horned Owl if they are in your area (which google says they are). If so, he probably landed to get a different view of the chickens in the coop to see if he could catch one. Or, if you have any rodents visiting your coop at night for spilled feed he could have been after one of those.


Hilltop Farm
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Nov 18, 2007
My Coop
I had an owl go through some crappy netting and kill some birds. I replaced the crappy netting with some good heavy duty netting and when it tried again it got caught. We got it in a cage and called a wildlife rescue who came and got it.
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