Ethel acting paralyzed :(

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    My (approx. 3 years old) hen, Ethel, is acting paralyzed. She is eating, drinking and is alert. I have read several things that could be wrong with her but not sure. Possible poisoning from something she ate, Marek's, etc.. I have been giving her antibioticcs, worming med., crushed fresh garlic. Just started the garlic today. How soon should I see an improvement if it is not Marek's? And just was wondering if this age chicken could get Marek's. I love my "girls" and try so hard to care for them. Anybody have any ideas, or suggestions?


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    Hi. There are quite a few things that can cause paralysis. Tumors, cancer, Marek's, broken bone, poison....
    You state she alert and eating. That narrows it down a bit. I would not think poison. If her stool goes green like a bluish green, it means she's wasting. Or not eating enough. There are things you have control over and things you don't. I would start with vitamins, mostly a B complex. Antibiotics is something to try and you're doing that. I try to cover all the bases with the antibiotics and my cocktail is sulphadimethoxine and Tylan or erythromycin. If you can find Nystatin powder that would be good. I either found it for cage birds or pigeons. Paralysis can be related to related to aspergilloses. Then wait and see. [​IMG]

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