Etiquette Question (Men and women opinions)

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    Is it proper etiquitte to introduce your spouse to people of same and opposite sex that you speak to in grocery store. What are your feelings about this. Is it the right thing to do?
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    YES! I can not say that enough even hubby forgets to introduce me to his friends from work when we go shopping or going around town.
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    Yes, unless you're my age and can't remember their names!
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  7. My husband doesn't... usually because the women we run into in stores are his ex girlfriends.... he was quite the romeo once upon a time... and he either doesn't want me to recognize their name from the LIST I made him give me before we got engaged, or, he's forgotten their name... so Usually I try to introduce myself, in hopes that they will volunteer their own name. But Yes, I think it's the polite thing to do... can't imagine anyone thinking otherwise.
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    My husband is a college professor (18 years) turned public high school teacher (4 years) and we are constantly running into people he has had in a class or the parents of children he has taught.....and out of context he can never remember names!

    He used to just not introduce me at all; after discussing it we decided he would say, "Hi! This is my wife..." At that point I jump in, hand extended and announce my name, which usually prompts them to proffer their hand and tell me their name....and that problem is solved!
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    If you run into anyone you are bothering to talk to, and you have someone/anyone with you, you introduce them to each other,, it's called good manners.
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    Quote:... or you can't remember your spouse's name. [​IMG] but that's a whole different argument. [​IMG]

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