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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Queen Scoot, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Queen Scoot

    Queen Scoot Crochet Chieftess

    May 27, 2008
    i know alot of you guys have an Esty shop,i just opened one last month. My question is does your items sell or have you been waiting to make a sale? i have yet to make a sale off it. here is my shop...are my items to high do you think thats why i haven't made any sales?

  2. Zephyr Farms

    Zephyr Farms Songster

    Jul 1, 2009
    Mathews, VA
    No, I don't personally think your prices are too high. Although I don't have an Etsy shop, I'm pretty sure it takes time to get your name out about your products.

    Just what I think....[​IMG]
  3. I don't think it's the prices either. Things to thinks about:

    -Who is shopping and buying on Etsy?
    You need to know who your customer is. You need to do some research and think about who is shopping for crocheted items on Etsy. Set up your shop to get their attention and hold on to it long enough to consider parting with their cash for your items. One way of doing this is to add more items, so if someone does stop by your online shop they may spend more time browsing. More time spent browsing increases the likely hood of getting a sale. Consider making a header for your store. If you don't know how to make computer graphics, I know there is someone in the Misc for Sale section on this website that offers logo design services for a REALLY good price. Try providing more details for the items for sale. What are the dimensions? Grandma wants to know if those baby booties will fit her growing granddaughter! The people shopping on Etsy can't handle your items, so you need to create a description that makes the items tangible for them. Provide as many details as possible about your shipping policies, return policy, payments accepted, environment in which the items are created . . . Things things help people feel safe giving you their money. When I browse Etsy I scan pictures of items and a sale is made or lost right there for me. Which brings me to my next point.

    -A picture is worth a thousand words

    You can take really good pictures with a basic digital camera if you set up a light box. Google that term and you will find more than one tutorial for you to set one up cheaply and quickly. A good picture highlights the item for sale. The fact that I can see portions of your carpet, counter top, and couch in the background looses my attention very quickly. Here are some links to other sellers on Etsy offering crochet items.



    That picture is what is going to sell your item. It's importance can not be underestimated. A HUGE portion of selling in today's handmade market is MARKETING. You can put some cheap lotion in a bottle, but as long as you add an AMAZING scent and slap on a label with beautiful graphics you will sell something. People want their senses to be dazzled. For example, maybe put the baby booties on a baby then set the baby in good light on some green grass or a white sheet. A good background will focus you attention on the product, not take your attention away . . .Take many pictures of just the baby's feet and pick the one image that captures the detail of your item and it's quality. Change angles, think about how the light is affecting how your item looks. It takes practice to get a sense of it, but you'll know it when you've got it! You can post more than one pic, so have an overall shot that captures the whole item and at least one detail shot.

    For success on Etsy, a unique product and good presentation is key.
  4. missred871

    missred871 Eggxhausted Momma

    May 5, 2010
    Perry GA
    Quote:I have made quite a few sales since I opened my actual shop in like April or May, I pimp out my store a lot though, I have business cards and I advertise on Facebook (via status message and fan page and group) and tell a lot of people at work about it, I also advertise on bookoo.com and craigslist. If you have sales every now and again or do discounts for certain occasions and advertise that it will help your business a lot. Your prices are fine. Etsy can be slow on the roll if you dont promote yourself, so get out there and PROMOTE!
  5. Queen Scoot

    Queen Scoot Crochet Chieftess

    May 27, 2008
    Thanks everyone for all your advice and suggestions!
  6. Wildsky

    Wildsky Wild Egg!

    Oct 13, 2007
    I think you should re-do your photos, with no background views of anything. Lighting is also important.

    You could spray paint the inside of a cardboard box or something like that, place the item inside and take the pic with good lighting. (someone posted a long time ago how to make a box to take pictures of chicks. sorry I don't have the link)

    Find something to model your hats, other than a real head. For some people, seeing the hat on someone elses head makes it secondhand already. You could use an upturned bowl or stuff the hat (hiding the stuffing) to make it poof out and take shape.

    Look around at other folks product pictures, and you'll see what I mean.
  7. I agree about the pics and I think your prices are fine . . .times are hard right now. Every crafter I have talked too recently said their sales are down. People worry about winter and fuel and groceries, so it takes a little longer to get the name out there. You do good work!!

  8. Whimsy

    Whimsy Songster

    Mar 21, 2010
    Cecilia KY
    You have received great advice. Pictures are so important, it is all you have to sell that item. A great description also helps, When I was active on Etsy, I found joining a Street Team really helped boost sales. Look at the state you live in to see if they have an active group.

    Being active on the forums also helps, it gets ppl to know you. With that in mind, always remain positive on forums. It is so much better to be known as a cheerful person than a grumpy complaining one.

    My shop is www.WhimsybyMari.etsy.com if you would like to take a look at my photos go to my sales.

    Be patient, but persistent get your name out there.

    Good Luck,

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