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europe brahmashow 2011

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by brahmapeter, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. brahmapeter

    brahmapeter In the Brooder

    Aug 5, 2010
    The European Brahmashow of 2011.
    ‘Brahmaclub Nederland’ organises the European exhibition of Brahma’s and Brahma bantams on October the 28th, 29th and 30th in 2011.

    For more information and the latest reviews on the topic, please visit:
    For further particulars, please contact:
    Anton Cuijpers
    0031 493539971
    [email protected]

    To celebrate our 25th anniversary as an independent Brahma association, Brahmaclub Nederland is organising a festivity, together with all the European breeders of Brahma’s.
    This event will be hold in the Dutch village Meijel, a central location in Europe.
    Meijel is situated right next to the E3 (A67) highway, between Eindhoven and Venlo. This highway forms the connection between the Belgium cities Antwerp and Brussels and the German Ruhr-aria. This makes Meijel very accessible for European countries.

    We are going to organise this show together with the Poultry Association “Onder Ons” Helden, which is celebrating their 50th anniversary. “Onder Ons” Helden is a small association with a limited number of breeders that enjoy national recognition for their animals. Some of the species they are know for are the Sabelpoot, the Dutch bantam, the Breakel, Turkeys and Pheasants.

    The village Meijel is only a 10 minute drive away from the E3/A67.
    Location d’n Bingerd lies right in the center of the village. Parking spots are for free and available right next to the door.
    There are several hotels and motels available for overnighters, situated in the village and the direct environment.
    It is also possible to book cheap sleeping arrangements, we were able to reserve a school in the nearby village Horst for this purpose. Finally, free spaces for a camper or caravan can be arranged.

    We expect around 500 Brahma’s, from Germany, France, Denmark, and Italy. We also shouldn’t exclude visitors from the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Croatia, with or without their animals.

    On the evening of Saturday October the 29th, we are organising a breeders-evening in d’n Bingerd (www.dnbinger.nl). Furthermore are we working on a day program for breeders that are staying overnight. This program can exist for example out of a visit to some breeders of Brahma’s in the neighbourhood, or it can be a walk through the exclusive nature reserve “de Grote Peel”. A special program for women is also one of the possibilities.

    All participants and board members of the European Brahma associations are invited to our breeders-evening.
    On the Internet there will be a page dedicated to the European Brahmashow, where it is possible to follow the preparations and latest news.

    Brahmaclub Nederland is asking you to note the dates 28th, 29th, and 30th of October 2011.

    We would be very honoured, if we could welcome many of our Brahma-friends from all over Europe.

    Can I welcome you?

    With kind regards,

    Martin Linskens
    President of Brahmaclub Nederland

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