Euskal Oiloa/Basque, dominique and barn mix chicks!


7 Years
Jul 13, 2012
I have several chicks available from my easter hatch:
-7 marraduna basque $7 each. Pictures of parent stock shown
-6 Dominique $5each (the eggs came from another byc user)
-2 barn mix $3 each (black copper marans hens X golden laced or blue laced red Wyandotte roo's) have feathered legs, rose comb and should lay slightly darker egg if female.

Willing to trade for hatching eggs/chicks of following breeds: Swedish flower hens, icelandics, coronation or light Sussex, welsh harlequin duck, khaki Campbell duck, or let me know what you have!

Please PM me if interested, local pickup only in Milaca or Ogilvie, MN. Or if you have something to trade I'd be willing to meet halfway.

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