Even the vet loves the tast of fresh eggs!

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    My daughter works for a small animal vet on college breaks. It's amazing how a animal doctor has no concept of chicken life:D But she has a good cat/dog practice. Anyways, we sent a dozen eggs in for her a while back, and the vet is hooked. She e-mailed me to say she had a store bought egg the other day and it tasted like tupperware...I guess that's her way of hinting for another dozen eggs to be sent in w/my DD while she's still on winter break.[​IMG] She also had numerous questions on why my eggs taste so much better than the stores...A newbie chicken owner can teach even an old vet a few new things:)
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    Educate the masses!!!!! Cute story! [​IMG]
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    I prepared to take two dozen eggs to my vet today because he was doing me a favor of seeing my cat without an appointment...I left them on the couch and when I got home I had egg cartons on the floor...out of 24 eggs luckily my gsd only cracked one and barely made a hole in the other...seems my vet loves fresh eggs but not as much as jelly bellies! Or as much as my gsd![​IMG] I will be making a special trip back to the vet with eggs! Also he put my cat down and charged at least 30 less than he could have!
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    My vet always gets our extra eggs. We figure its worth it cos of all the animals we had that this vet has managed to bring back from the brink of death. Dr Johnson is a god to us... he saved 2 of our girls, and my kitty Gypsy somehow he managed to get to pull thru so we had an extra year with my girl before her little kidneys just gave out. He and Dr Clancy caught our Mona's cancer before it was untreatable and she is doing amazing now. He saved our first BO Roxy as a chick....we were in panic mode thinking she was about to die...and somehow he managed to keep her alive and healthy as well. He also managed to help us keep Cleo alive when she was so very sick. The avian vet we were recommended to said we should put her down, but we called Dr Johnson and he saw her....and managed to save her.

    He has been just an amazing guy...so when our girls lay regularly, we take in a few dozen eggs for him and his staff. We will not go anywhere else but to him now [​IMG] We still don't know how he managed to save my kitty....but I will always ALWAYS be grateful to him and to his staff.
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    That's cool! I found out that our vet free ranges about 50 birds. She has eggs up to her eyeballs!

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