Evening predator killed my poults :(


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I had 12 turkey poults in a chain link dog kennel with a wooden floor and a metal roof. They have perches to go on, and they have a wooden dog house to go in. I just moved them outside this weekend. When I went out this morning, there was a blood bath in the kennel. 3 dead turkey poults were in the kennel with just their heads missing and blood splattered everywhere. 2 were near the edge of the kennel, so I'm not sure if something pulled their heads through? One was in the center, so I'm not sure if maybe a weasel or mink went in the cage or if a raccoon got to them? Now I'm wondering what I can do to prevent more loss tonight. Will wrapping poultry wire around the kennel help? I have a "have a heart" trap that I can put near the kennel as well, but I'm not sure what to bait it with. I don't want to capture one of my cats. (And I know my cats didn't kill the poults - they are scared of them, lol.) Any advice would be appreciated, I don't want to lose any more poults. I did also lose 3 full grown guinea hens about 2 weeks ago - but they were just missing in the morning, no sign of any struggle. I hate predators!
Very possibly a coon attack. They will reach through the chain link and tear birds apart piece by piece. They will rip right through chicken wire - hardware cloth is a better deterrent and an electric fence is the best. Be assured that it will return for the rest of the poults. Trap and kill it or you will have no peace. Part of one of the dead poults would be excellent bait. Good luck in solving this problem.
Even trapping and killing that one varmint will not help - there is always another coming along, as long as there is the attraction of a free poultry dinner. Hardware cloth. Lots of it.
Hardware cloth and continual trapping because the predator will continue to harass your birds through the wire causing stress, reduced egg production/weight gain, stress and injuries incurred from flying and crashing. With electric fencing they generally get the message and stay away.
OK, I will get hardware cloth after work today and put traps in place. I have electric net fence around my chicken coop, I guess I'll have to invest in another roll. I thought about saving one of the "victims" to use as bait, but then ended up disposing of them against my better judgement. I've never had anything go after the turkeys before
Alternatively, I have electric wire fencing that I use for my horses. Would a few strands of that placed lower to the ground deter raccoons or whatever it may be? How high would I need to go?

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