ever feel like this?

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11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
hollister, florida
that if you were to go to sleep you would just die. well i feel like that and its really scaring me here i am at 4:58 am worried im gonna die i have never felt like this before i have a doctors appointment monday but i dont know if im gonna make it to then. its so crazy i feel like my tonsils are gonna pop right out of my head and when i cough my head just throbbs im 19 was healthy a week ago and now im worried im gonna die. ive got jason staying up with me but he still has to sleep because he has to work in the morning ive right now got vicks covering my entire body and i can breathe better but i just feel so bad
Oh yes i have had those nights

i to have a docs apt this Monday to find out if i have cancer in my urinary track and i am only 20

i have had nights where i was afraid to sleep

but now even though my apt is 2 days away i am content for some reason i don't know why but i am not stressing as much as i normally would

Sorry your feeling so bad
i hope you feel better and things get back on track for ya!
i've had those nights a lot, Sometimes i don't even have to be sick or anything i just get the feeling im going to die when i go to sleep.. I believe i have anxiety problems but haven't been diagnosed with it.. Just really shakey when i wake up, I have messed up dreams almost everynight one of the hot topics seem to be the world ending
you name it.
i tried sleeping and im thinking the whole time and picturing my family looking at me in a coffin and then i just started crying out of nowhere and ive been really sick this week and ive lost 10 pounds i cant keep anything down 10 pounds in 6 days is not healthy im just so worried and im constantly feeling hungry but everything i eat or drink like water doesnt stay down ive tried alcaseltcers those stomach things and those didnt stay down either i really hope this passed soon
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UGH........if there is any way to stop yourself from doing that, PLEASE do!!! I am 38 and I have never had a normal night's sleep. I can still remember back to when I was like 5, training myself to stay awake because as soon as I fell asleep the death dreams started. I have been reasonably sure for some time that falling asleep is not deadly but I have my body so trained not to sleep that I just CAN'T. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon and nip this sleeping problem in the bud. Oh, and for what its worth, I have been horribly sick for the past week or so....you are gonna make it!
I'm sorry you are still feeling bad! Glad the vicks is helping some!! LOVE that stuff! If you are feeling that bad you might want to go to the ER!! Please think about it. I know if you don't have insurance it is very expensive, but you might have pneumonia and it can be deadly. Plus the money is nothing if you are not well enought to enjoy it!! Please go!!
well i just got back from feeding my chickens decided to go early i feel better stayed down there about 30 minutes just watching em i think its my house cause i go outside for like 10 minutes i can breathe through my nose i cough a little so my mom said shes gonna come out and help me clean my house and see if we can find the problem and if it gets any worse ill be sure to go to the er
heres an update for today i did go to sleep and i focused my mind on me playing the piano my biggest hobby in life. and i stayed asleep until now um im not coughing as much i can breathe through my nose on one side. i got some soup to stay down and some lemon water but the weight is still coming off i am at an unhealthy weight for my height so i dont know if its from that or if its jsut from being sick. so theres my update
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