Ever had a chicken recover from RUBBER EGG laying?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by kikster, Oct 14, 2010.

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    The last girl I had this issue w/eventually became an egg eater/internal layer. She's still alive and feisty, and in her own little area, but her life is pretty pointless (and definitely no benefits for us). We did everything we could to get her to lay hard shelled eggs again, but to no avail, it's been 5 months since..

    Now my best layer (BO) is having the same troubles. Her laying had decreased but she went through a molt, so it was expected. But her molt was fast and she started laying a couple times a week again. Last week she laid 2 regular eggs, and then a rubber. This week she has only laid rubber eggs (2 so far). We're monitoring her eating, & providing calcium rich treats (yogurt, oyster shell, cod liver oil), and I'm just wondering I guess, if this will be a waste of time, like before. So I'm asking the same question I did earlier in the year:

    Is internal laying inevitable once they lay this many rubber eggs? Has anyone ever had their girl bounce back from this?

    *BTW she's older, could it be possible that her egg laying days are numbered?? How long does a BO usually lay?
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    All I can tell you is what I've experienced. I've had hens lay shelless eggs, usually after their second or third moult. Unlike you, I never tried to figure out which ones--I have a couple dozen or more hens--and didn't do anything special for them. Eventually this kind of egg laying stopped with no additional help on my part. Now it could be the hen stopped laying all together since the number of eggs overall diminishes at this point anyhow and I just figured it was part of the process. The birds were generally sold off at about 4 years of age anyway.
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    Quote:Who buys 4 year old hens? I want them to move to AZ.

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