Ever miss the naughty ones?

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Southern Arizona
    We had two bantam Cochin cockerels that were absolutely out of control and I knew they had to go - I called them the Mischief Makers, hubby called them the Mad Imp Rapists. They tried to mate with everything - the ducks, standard sized hens, rabbits and one kept going after one of our Basset Hounds. Thankfully, the Basset was scared to death of them and ran away. He's a wimp, though.

    They even went after us! You couldn't walk outside without one of them running up to you and attacking your feet. There wasn't a day go by one of the little imps didn't peck at the back of my legs or toes, thankfully I wear galoshes. This morning, they were zipping around the outside of the bantam pen, wiping out as the nimble ladies made the curve, our HUGE Cochin rooster on their heels. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times they got the crap beat out of them by the targets of their unwanted attention. You had to admire their tenacity, they'd leave you in stitches with their antics. [​IMG]

    We delivered them to a friend's freezer camp tonight. I knew it was getting serious when hubby volunteered to dispatch them. [​IMG]

    Best thing, I know. I'm sure all the chickens and ducks will be happier now that they are gone, less stress and all that. But somehow, the barnyard is going to be a bit too quiet.

    Anyone else with a Problem Chicken story to share?
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    Nothing that interesting.... Raised my first chickens up from chicks this spring, one BR turned out to be a rooster. Loved that guy. Then he began attacking everyone. I tried many things to "correct" this but failed. Gave him to Nava, who gave him to someone else. I cried like a baby when I gave him away!!! I still miss him even though I probably would have wrung his neck if he attacked me again.

    Tonight the rooster that I got to replace the above roo mildly attacked my friend and her grandkid. No where near the tenacity of the last one, so I'm going to lock him up before they get here next time.

    My current irritant is Football, a Speckled Sussex hen that WILL NOT go into the coop at night. I have to wait until it is really dark, otherwise she sneaks back to the porch and hops up on the bar above the porch swing. I wouldn't mind if this wouldn't cause her to poop all over it. She's a freak loner bird. BTW I call her football because of her color and because I carry her like a football back to the coop, telling her the whole way that she's a crazy bird. She talks back to me!
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    Sep 16, 2009
    Southern Arizona
    We have one much like your Football - Ruby, one of our grand dames of the barnyard, a Rhodie hen. She likes to bed down with the ducks at night. I have to walk 1/2 acre to her, enter their pens, grab her and walk her back 1/2 acre to her own coop. Drives me bonkers. I'll never get rid of her though. [​IMG]

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