Ever store anything in your shed coop?

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    DH called one of his customers that's a builder and he offered us all the scraps from the next two houses he's framing [​IMG] , my DH will probably do an 8x8 shed/coop for the chicks that is about 7 feet tall at the peak. Obviously the space above about 4 feet won't really be used, so is it feasible to build shelves and store things in the coop with the chickens? I think we would probably hang tarps from the top of the shelves over whatever we're storing just in case the chickens get curious.

    Also, I have 17 chicks. 15 are bantams and one of the others is a roo that we won't be keeping (and I'm assuming about 50% of the others will be roos as well which we won't keep). How much space does each banty need? I've tried searching and it didn't bring up much. An 8x8 would be plenty big enough even if they were all pullets, right?
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    As far as making storage in your coop above the 4' range, sure, go for it.. I'm going to be shelving off a section at the back above the roosts which will be about 5' 6" off the deck and a section at the front of the coop over the door will be shelved off at 7' high.

    You'll have to tarp or net the section off to keep them from wanting to roost there.
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    May 8, 2007
    Plus, it gets dusty in there over time. Keeping things covered is a good idea.
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    If you want to use the upper parts of the walls for storage, I'd suggest snagging some cheap kitchen cabinets being thrown away. Or make your own crude cabinet doors for the shelves you build. You *could* use fabric or tarp curtains instead, but you will be *showered* with dust everytime you want to get to the shelves and you won't like it.

    (Ask me how I know... I have quite a lot of Stuff stored in the non-chicken-containing portion of my 15x40 chicken building [​IMG])

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Quote:It's perfect that my DH sells cabinets, huh? I feel kind of stupid that I didn't think of that before!!!

    Thanks for all of the advice!

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