Evergreen type bush dropping lots of small blue berries..are these ok?


11 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Western Mass
I just noticed that an evergreen looking bush on our property is dropping loads of these little blue berries. The girls were chowing them down. Are they in trouble?
Sounds like a species of Juniper. My land is covered in them, and the chickens do nibble at them, though I don't think they eat a lot. They are not technically poisonous, but they do taste bad, at least to humans. I imagine if you ate a big handful you'd get a stomach ache, but my book on edible wild plants says Juniper berries are edible. I wouldn't worry.
It is Juniper. Looks just like it. Thank goodness it is not harmful to chickens. It went back to raining like crazy so they all went back under their coop. Some with blue beaks! Thank you for the responses.
Definately Juniper. It is the flavoring in Gin as well as German Sauerbraten roast beef. The only thing I would be a bit concerned about would be the eggs taking on a bit of the flavor of the berry. Hmmm. That might be interesting!
Ohh i love capers! mmm salmon in a butter cream sauce with capers.... ok snapping out of it. The gals are just about to lay any day now. They are around 22 weeks. I am just glad that they didn't eat something that could make them sick.

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