Every day we need pats


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
Zeus, who will be 6 months next week.
Is my lt brahma cockerel
Every day I sit with my flock he will come over to me where I am sitting slide himself up to my legs lean his head on my leg and stand there and wait for me to just pat and give him scratches
He will stand there forever while I do this if i dont stop lol

I hope he stays that way too
My bantam roos were easy to fight off
If he ever turned mean I would be heartbroken and he wouldn't be easy to fight off

Hes never crowed and hes only pecked at my feet in the morning for some reason he doesnt like my feet at that time of day lol
And hes grabbed at my fingers but quickly and never hard only when my hand is coming toward him
So learned not to do that lol

I had 2 bantam duccles roosters one would try to kick my butt everyday the whole time I was outside
The other would just randomly do it like once a week

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