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    Every time my 2-year old EE lays an egg, a nice clump of poo comes with it. It comes on the egg and ends up dirtying the other eggs as well. I am not talking about a tiny bit that is easy to wash off, either. It is quite obvious that it is from her. Is it time to cull her or is there something else going on here?[​IMG] Thanks, I appreciate any thoughts!
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    she may have no control over it. Has she been wormed?
    Sometimes when it ends up on eggs it's runny?
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    I had a hen that did the same thing. She would deposit a small amount of poo on the egg. There was no other poo on any of the other eggs in the nest unless they came in contact with her deposit. There was no other poo in the nest. It took a while to determine which one was doing it. She did not do it every time but most of the time. She also laid eggs that were often a little deformed. They sometimes had a ridge on them. I think something was just wrong with her egg laying factory delivery system.

    I did not remove her from the flock since I could wash those eggs off and use them myself but I would not sell them. She did eventually outgrow it, but she will be one that meets the crock pot when she molts this year and none of her offspring will be allowed to join my flock. I don't need her genes in my flock.

    I butcher my own chickens. I have not seen any evidence of worms when I do. It is quite possible you have a different situation than mine.

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