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    Feb 10, 2012
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    We've got an over 1 year old GLW who has laid like a champ since last year. Lately she had been laying a soft shelled egg from her perch at night, but really only every other day. The other days she lays an egg in the laying box that is rough/sand papery usually just on one end. Can't figure this one out, but I don't want the other five to start eating her broken perch eggs. I've been trying to get down there in the early A.M. to clean up if she dropped a softy, to at least keep the others from discovering how good eggs are! They get nice whole grain organic feed, and there's always oyster shell available for them, plenty of water and no predator stress that I know of. The other girls haven't had any problems. She seems healthy and active.

    Any thought or concerns?

    Thank you all!

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    wow-- It really is strange that her egg cycle will produce one with good shell and one with bad shell alternatively every other day. Perhaps she is meant to be an every-other-day layer....And her system is putting out eggs faster than she can create the shells.

    I did hear of someone with a problem of too many eggs too fast. The solution was to put that hen in a dark environment for a day or two, and the darkenss stopped the over-active egg production and she went back to normal.

    Good luck with getting answers from BYC experts and hopefully someone will have an answer that will resolve your hens shell difficulty.

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