Everybody HATES Phoebe!!! HELP!!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by MissJenny, Oct 30, 2010.

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    May 11, 2009
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    My darling 6 mos. old hens have divided themselves into two camps -- the Two Easter Eggers, Phoebe and Marilla, and the Squad of Three, Louisa (cochin), Eleanor (light brahma) and Charlotte (barred rock). Some 8 weeks back Phoebe got pecked badly and had to be separated -- I have never successfully integrated her back into the flock. A few weeks ago Marilla injured her leg, so I paired her with Phoebe -- with her bad leg she couldn't chase Phoebe so they became friends.

    I thought that little by little, one by one, I could get them all integrated. During the day they are in the same run, but separated... but when I remove the divider trouble soon begins. The cochin, Louisa, chases Phoebe with the apparent intent on doing her harm. When any of the other two hens come near her Phoebe screams and runs in fright (which makes them give chase.) The Squad of Three do not, seemingly, have any problems with Marilla... but Marilla is a Feather Picker!!! She has about stripped my cochin's back bald after one day together. I saw her snatch feathers from the brahma and the barred rock too. But not from Phoebe.

    Either I have to solve both of these problems of Phoebe being afraid of everybody (with cause) as well as what I think is the bigger problem of Feather Picking Marilla (she really stressed out the Squad of Three today to where they were fighting amongst themselves). Or I need to re-home the Easter Eggers.

    Anybody have any solutions, suggestions, ideas? I am getting stressed out here too. (If I do re-home Phoebe and Marilla, how likely will I be to integrate two or three new chicks next year?)

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    Integrating can be hard. Some say to hold the aggressive ones and let the submissive ones pick at them. Apparently it teaches them a lesson. You could try that. Good luck!
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    You need to do with them as I did with my two human sons--if there is no blood, let 'em duke it out. They'll settle down at some point.
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    Oct 16, 2009
    The bigger the area you have when the integration occurs.

    Mine free range and newbies can always run for cover. Usually they integrate peacefully (minor pecking and a bit of chasing) if they have plenty of space in which to do so.

    Good Luck

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