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    What can you actually do about ventilation besides pulling out the plugs.?If you are in lockdown I thought that you weren't supposed to be lifting up the cover. I heard one person say that they elevated the sides slightly with tooth picks so that fresh air could come in horizontally. Would you leave it like that all of the time. I have 4 serama eggs developing and I really don't want to screw up my hatch. I have a LG forced air. What about putting the bator up on blocks so that the small holes in the bottom let air in?

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    To raise the height with eggs in the bator i would use small cardboard squares at all four corners. you can stack them one at a time to avoid tipping
    you can also remove the top plug and put a rolled paper towel in the hole this will vent less than just pulling the plug

    You only need to Additional ventilation if your humidity is high, days 18 to hatch over 70+
    I haven't had that problem with my LGs
    if you have it on a hard surface The little feet hold it up enough to let air flow
    if you set it on a towel you will slow or stop air flow

    Good Luck
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    LG with a fan... As long as you don't have it on a towel or something else that keeps it from taking in air threw the bottom an you have the plugs out your fine. Propping it open is a bad idea. Putting it on blocks is an ok idea tho.
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    May 13, 2008
    Ventilation of fresh air during day 1-18 is critical for egg survival.

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    Ventilation of fresh air during day 1-18 is critical for egg survival.

    Als Right, I looked at as how to vent to control humidity But you have to have fresh air flowing or the humidity wont mater​
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    An incubator with a fan rarely has ventilation issues, as long as the small holes in the bottom are not plugged.
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    Keeping air holes unplugged is important. A fan really helps.

    When I decided to make my own, one of the things I did not LIKE about the LG was the low air turnover. My homemade has two fans, more holes and is set to accomodate quite an airflow. I've had great hatches in it. Love it.

    There's huge air turnover in my antique redwood bator as well, and I have great hatches when I remember to bump the humidity (bad week, forgot to bump it for a small test hatch - only four of the seven managed to hatch without the additional humidity - brain dead me... sigh).

    I routinely get 100% hatches of most of my eggs, I'm getting spoiled. The shipped eggs and seramas keep me working at it though. Always looking for any tiny improvement that will help shipped eggs and serama eggs hatch...

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