Everybody tune into Oprah on Friday


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Ok guys, many of us are dog lovers to one degree or another. This has been a pasionate subject for me and am so happy to see that Oprah is finally doing a show with Lisa Ling on the truth behind Puppy Mills. It will air this Friday, April 4th at her regular time in your area.
Make sure you have a box of tissues as this is a disturbing show.
Once you have seen it, you'll be moved by it, so try and find a way to help shut these places down...
A puppy mill was just shutdown here.
I am a lifelong dog fancier. I spent 5 years as a field inspector for the American Kennel Club. I will, of course, watch this, as I have others in the past.

IMO, if puppies & kittens were not allowed to be sold through retail outlets, the puppy mill problem would take a huge hit. Most of you, would NEVER purchase a puppy from these locations, but it's done everyday through retail outlets.

Retail outlets provide folks with 'wallyworld' style shopping. Instant gratification... credit card/installment plans... AND, they won't tell you that you DO NOT QUALIFY for a puppy (because you rode in on a chopper with your girlfriend and just want to make her a present of a puppy; living in apartment; no job; 4'2' 110 lb and want a ROTTWEILER; no fenced in yard; work 80 hours a week; or other various reasons why responsible breeders/shelters discourage the purchase/adoption of a puppy).

You can continue to shut down one puppy mill after another, but unless you do something to reduce that style of MARKET for puppies, another will crop up in its place.

Many people who raise multiple breeds of dogs and more than one litter a year should NOT be designated puppy mills. I inspected many small breeders who took excellent care of their dogs, tested for genetic defects, socialized and vetted their puppies, did a good job of placing their puppies, and provided after purchase support. The first and biggest difference was they sell their puppies DIRECTLY to the public.
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I was trying to figure out a way to state this fact as well. You did an excellent job. The problem with this kind of show is, it gets the publics opinion on some breeders to be unfavorable. I DO agree puppy mills have got to go, but sometimes it's the true at heart breeders that get slammed as well. I buy and have show dogs, its all about the quality of the breeding to help end the chronic problems that some breeds have. I haven't seen it yet. I do plan to watch, I just hope it is done right where you don't have general public opinion on dog breeders go haywire. I would never buy a puppy from a pet store, not because I'm a pure bred dog snob, I just know that these puppies are often the means that some of these puppy mills make the money off of. I would rather get my puppy from a good breeder or save one from the pound then support this continued behavior by some corrupt people.

I'll watch the show. I know everyone here that loves dogs will too, but please understand that most breeders are good people with the sole intention of raising good healthy dogs.
I once tried to educate a lady who was about to buy a puppy form a pet store. Long story short, I was physically thrown out of the store by the manager and told I was never to come in his store again. I have fostered 69 dogs, most came from puppymills. I could write a book that would have even the most cold hearted person in tears. Most found their perfect forever home. Some had endured physical and mental trauma to a point that they could not be rehabed. I still have a couple running aroud my house. They seem happy enough until anyone but me tries to interact with them. The only thing I can say is NEVER BUY YOUR NEW PUPPY FROM A PET STORE - buy that puppy from a reputable breeder. Millers are now useing the internet to sell their pups so if you are looking for a new puppy over the internet be very careful.
We have a large flea market (Canton) close to us. I hate to go to what they call dog town. Some weekends there are 1200 or more puppies of all breeds and so called designer dogs. When I was a kid a mix breed was a mutt, now they are designer breeds. We have a stud Yorkie and we are very picky who we breed with . He can only breed once a month and only once a year to any one female. Also we will only breed with good quality females. Have had one lady upset because of our rules. We just don't think we should put any more unwanted or poor quality puppies out there. Most people that we have bred with have people waiting to get good puppies that are not from pet stores.
Doesn't that just make you crazy? I did the same thing one time, to a couple who had NEVER owned a dog before (How could two people who've never owned a dog actually meet, nevermind get married?). Anyway, they didn't know that puppies needed constant attention, lots of walks, and TOYS. Geeez... Yes, people, puppies CHEW. They pee in the house. They bark. They jump. They dig. They need you to work with them and a trainer. These people knew none of that, yet they walked out that day with an $800 or so puppy. It was a bigger breed, too. That poor thing.
Good. I'm glad Oprah is doing a show on it. Hopefully the nimrods out there will listen to her!

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